Freeware : WAKO_Semi-trailer pack 1

This content package contains 17 trailers . The trailers can also be made on demand. If you want another load on the trailers, just ask us in the forum under "demand". Start your topic with "trailer demand". And we will create a trailer with the load that fits your route.

Package content

This package contains 10 CDP files that includes these contents :

1.kuid <kuid2:269867:21863:1>
description "Sealand Chassis 40' 1"

2.kuid <kuid2:269867:21875:1>
description "APL Container Trailer"

3.kuid <kuid2:269867:21873:1>
description "Canadian Tire Trailer"

4.kuid <kuid2:269867:21868:1>
description "CGM Container Chassis"

5.kuid <kuid2:269867:21866:1>
description "China Shipping Chassis"

6.kuid <kuid2:269867:21877:1>
description "Collapsed MEARSK Flat Rack"

7.kuid <kuid2:269867:21878:1>
description "Dole Container Chassis"

8.kuid <kuid2:269867:21874:1>
description "Evergreen trailer ''20''"

9.kuid <kuid2:269867:21861:1>
description "Flat Rack Collapsed 1"

10.kuid <kuid2:269867:21872:1>
description "HAPAG-LLOYD Chassis"

11.kuid <kuid2:269867:21864:1>
description "HYUNDAI Container Chassis 1"

12.kuid <kuid2:269867:21871:1>
description "MAERSK Container Chassis"

13.kuid <kuid2:269867:21865:1>
description "MOL Container Chassis"

14.kuid <kuid2:269867:21867:1>
description "Nyk Line Flat Rack"

15.kuid <kuid2:269867:21876:1>
description "OOCL Container Chassie"

16.kuid <kuid2:269867:21862:1>
description "Sud Tri-Axle Container 1"

17.kuid <kuid2:269867:21869:1>
description "YANG MING Chassis"

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