Freeware : WAKO Airport content pack 2

Lights and Nightmode

This content pack contains 36 items with nightmode and/or lights. Ruway and Taxiway ground signs for the runways 9/27 and 18/36. Also included in this package are the ILS-sign, MIL-sign, Arrival-sign and Departures sign.

1.kuid <kuid2:269867:22105:1>
description "Arrival sign"

2.kuid <kuid2:269867:22107:1>
description "Departures sign"

3.kuid <kuid2:269867:22037:1>
description "MIL L"

4.kuid <kuid2:269867:22039:1>
description "MIL R"

5.kuid <kuid2:269867:22041:1>
description "Sign +9"

6.kuid <kuid2:269867:22043:1>
description "Sign +9+L"

7.kuid <kuid2:269867:22045:1>

description "Sign +9+R"

8.kuid <kuid2:269867:22047:1>
description "Sign +18"

9.kuid <kuid2:269867:22049:1>
description "Sign +18+L"

10.kuid <kuid2:269867:22051:1>
description "Sign +18+R"

11.kuid <kuid2:269867:22053:1>
description "Sign +27"

12.kuid <kuid2:269867:22055:1>
description "Sign +27+L"

13.kuid <kuid2:269867:22057:1>
description "Sign +27+R"

14.kuid <kuid2:269867:22059:1>
description "Sign +36"

15.kuid <kuid2:269867:22061:1>
description "Sign +36+L"

16.kuid <kuid2:269867:22063:1>
description "Sign +36+R"

17.kuid <kuid2:269867:22065:1>
description "Sign Apron "

18.kuid <kuid2:269867:22067:1>
description "Sign Apron R"

19.kuid <kuid2:269867:22101:1>
description "Sign D+9+27"

20.kuid <kuid2:269867:22069:1>
description "Sign D+9+L"

21.kuid <kuid2:269867:22071:1>
description "Sign D+9+R"

22.kuid <kuid2:269867:22103:1>
description "Sign D+18+36"

23.kuid <kuid2:269867:22073:1>
description "Sign D+18+L"

24.kuid <kuid2:269867:22075:1>
description "Sign D+18+R"

25.kuid <kuid2:269867:22077:1>
description "Sign D+27+L"

26.kuid <kuid2:269867:22079:1>
description "Sign D+27+R"

27.kuid <kuid2:269867:22081:1>
description "Sign D+36+L"

28.kuid <kuid2:269867:22083:1>
description "Sign D+36+R"

29.kuid <kuid2:269867:22085:1>
description "Sign ILS"

30.kuid <kuid2:269867:22087:1>
description "Sign NE"

31.kuid <kuid2:269867:22089:1>
description "Sign R+9+27"

32.kuid <kuid2:269867:22091:1>
description "Sign R+18+36"

33.kuid <kuid2:269867:22093:1>
description "Taxi 9+27 L"

34.kuid <kuid2:269867:22095:1>
description "Taxi 9+27 R"

35.kuid <kuid2:269867:22097:1>
description "Taxi 18-36 L"

36.kuid <kuid2:269867:22099:1>
description "Taxi 18-36 R"


Download the content pack here :

Wako_Airport system pack 2

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