Freeware : WAKO Airport content pack 1

Lights and Nightmode

This content pack contains 30 items with nightmode and/or lights. Grond lichts for the runways in 3 colors, Mast lights for the end or beginning of the runways, cellphone tower, terminal tower, MTS tower, and signs and numbers for the runways. The items can perfectly be used with the build-in runway spline.

1.kuid <kuid2:269867:21918:1>
description "Cellphone tower"

2.kuid <kuid2:269867:21906:1>
description "Dome light blue"

3.kuid <kuid2:269867:21907:1>
description "Dome light blue flash"

4.kuid <kuid2:269867:21908:1>
description "Dome light green"

5.kuid <kuid2:269867:21909:1>
description "Dome light green flash"

6.kuid <kuid2:269867:21910:1>
description "Dome light red"

7.kuid <kuid2:269867:21911:1>
description "Dome light red flash"

8.kuid <kuid2:269867:21914:1>
description "Ground mast"

9.kuid <kuid2:269867:21912:1>
description "Ground orange"

10.kuid <kuid2:269867:21913:1>
description "Ground orange flash"

11.kuid <kuid2:269867:21923:1>
description "ILS Glideslope"

12.kuid <kuid2:269867:21920:1>
description "Large tower"

13.kuid <kuid2:269867:21919:1>
description "MTS Tower"

14.kuid <kuid2:269867:21916:1>

description "fva_Rw yellow arrow"

15.kuid <kuid2:269867:22027:1>
description "Sign No Entry"


16.kuid <kuid2:269867:21974:1>
description "Sign +01+19+D"

17.kuid <kuid2:269867:22009:1>

description "Sign +08"

18.kuid <kuid2:269867:22015:1>
description "Sign +13+L"

19.kuid <kuid2:269867:22007:1>

description "Sign +13+R+(A)"

20.kuid <kuid2:269867:21968:1>
description "Sign +19"

21.kuid <kuid2:269867:22019:1>
description "Sign +26"

22.kuid <kuid2:269867:22017:1>
description "Sign +31R+B"

23.kuid <kuid2:269867:22021:1>
description "Sign +B (R)"

24.kuid <kuid2:269867:22023:1>
description "Sign +B+08"

25.kuid <kuid2:269867:22013:1>
description "Sign +B+08+-+31L"

26.kuid <kuid2:269867:21960:1>
description "Sign +D"

27.kuid <kuid2:269867:22029:1>
description "Sign +D +W + NE"

28.kuid <kuid2:269867:21976:1>
description "Sign +D+01+19"

29.kuid <kuid2:269867:22011:1>
description "Sign +G19+26"

30.kuid <kuid2:269867:22025:1>
description "Sign +R1"


Download the content pack

Download the content pack here :

WAKO_Airport system pack 1

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