Freeware : Trucks content package 1

This content package contains 10 trucks with trailers. The trucks can also be made on demand. If you want another load on the trailers, just ask us in the forum under "demand". Start your topic with "truck demand". And we will create a truck with the load of your wishes.

Package content

This package contains 10 CDP files that includes these contents :

1.kuid <kuid2:269867:21485:1>
description "Truck+Boxes"

2.kuid <kuid2:269867:21603:1>
description "Truck+Cars"

3.kuid <kuid2:269867:21604:1>
description "Truck+Container"

4.kuid <kuid2:269867:21772:1>
description "Truck+Crates"

5.kuid <kuid2:269867:21606:1>
description "Truck+Cystern"

6.kuid <kuid2:269867:21770:1>
description "Truck+Empty"

7.kuid <kuid2:269867:21607:1>
description "Truck+Pipes"

8.kuid <kuid2:269867:21776:1>
description "Truck+Tanks"

9.kuid <kuid2:269867:21777:1>
description "Truck+Trailer"

10.kuid <kuid2:269867:21609:1>
description "Truck+Wood"

CDP downloads

Full content pack (10 Trucks + trailer)

Download cdp : WAKO_Trucks content package 1


Individual downloads :

CDP : fva_Truck+Boxes

CDP : fva_Truck+Cars

CDP : fva_Truck+Container

CDP : fva_Truck+Crates

CDP : fva_Truck+Cystern

CDP : fva_Truck+Empty

CDP : fva_Truck+Pipes

CDP : fva_Truck+Tanks

CDP : fva_Truck+Trailer

CDP : fva_Truck+Wood


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